Monday, 8 October 2012

The Stars in the Sky

This is a short poem I wrote for National Poetry Day. The given theme was 'Stars' and the intention was to chalk it on the prom at Cleethorpes  I went to the event but didn't end up chalking it (I'm not sure why really!)

The Stars in the Sky   by Tracey Edges

The Conversation 1999                                                                  Tracey Edges

The stars in the sky
Are angels looking down
On towns and cities
And people and places
They watch and listen
To chatter and blather
Weed out the trivia
Focus on the real

The stars in the sky
Are there for us all
To wish upon
And dream
To light the way
Through inky blue

The stars in the sky
Spend their lives
Looking down
On me 
and you

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