Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Party People

I’ve had it with politics
Smug faces
And arse licks

How would the country be run
If by Artists and Writers
And not just for fun?

There’d be blue sky thinking
And out of the box
Pushing the envelope
No Liam Fox

Benefits would be there
To provide a soft fall
For the poor and the needy
The ill and the ALL

If they say “Can we do?”
We’d say
“Yes, Yes, Yes”
Not leave them to rot
And say “You’ve not got
Any rights to go forward”

We need to invest
In the people we serve
Not rule or oppress.

Commonsense is the way
To make the way pay
Be fair to us all
Whether you’re small or tall
Educated or ignorant
One size does NOT fit all

We need a loud call
To say
Look, let’s stop
We can’t turn the clock
But we can take the next turn
Look back and then learn

Build up not knock down
Say yes with a smile
Not no with a frown

A new page
A new canvas
Rewrite this country
And Create it for US

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